CISSR Fellows Friday Lunches

For current and previous CISSR Faculty & Student Fellows

Each session will begin with a five minute presentation by the speaker. The speaker may accompany the presentation either with a one-page handout or a single slide. The presentation should set out the central questions, some hypotheses and some take-aways from the project in a way that is fully accessible to non-experts. After the presentation there will be an open and wide-ranging q and a. The entire session will no more than one hour. Lunch will be available a half hour before the beginning of the presentation. We will plan to hold these in person at Pick 105 from 12:00 - 1:00pm with lunch arriving at 11:30am.

2023-24 Upcoming Dates:

  • March 22 - Presenter: Eduardo Terra Romero
  • April 5 - Presenter: Paul Staniland
  • May 24 - Presenter: Gabriel Groz

Please sign up at Jotform Here if you would like to attend.

For all the following meetings, we will aim to have a presenter, who will provide a short presentation/job talk/new book project and leave the remaining time for questions and conversation. There's no requirement for you to present, but we hope you'll consider joining to hear from CISSR affiliated students and faculty. At this time, these workshops will only take place in person.