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The Center for International Social Science Research is an eclectic intellectual community devoted to nourishing empirical international research across the social sciences. We seek to spark and sustain critical discussions that traverse disciplinary, methodological, and geographic boundaries. CISSR supports work that informs and transforms debates on global issues within the academy and beyond. Learn more about CISSR »

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News & Research Updates

"A World of Power and Fear: What Critics of Realism Get Wrong" (Paul Poast, (CISSR Faculty Board Member) Associate Professor, Political Science) 

"Fragile Bulwark: The Qing State in Jinan during the Taiping and Nian Wars" (Daniel Knorr, (CISSR 2019-20 Dissertation Fellow) PhD Candidate, History)

"The Practices of Emancipation: A Conversation with John Clegg and Alisea Williams McLeod" (John Clegg, (CISSR 2021-22 Book & Manuscript Awardee) Collegiate Assistant Professor, History)

"Theorizing from the Margins: A Tribute to Lewis and Rose Laub Coser" (Kimberly Kay Hoang, (CISSR 2018-19 Faculty Research Fellow) Associate Professor, Sociology) 

"The Weight of Waiting: Suspended Mobility and Deferred Aspirations Amongst Cab Drivers in Hyberabad" (Sneha Annavarapu, (CISSR 2019-20 Dissertation Fellow) Former PhD Candidate, Sociology)

"Authority Structures and Single-Party Dominance in Indigenous Communities in Taiwan" (Wan-Zi Lu, (CISSR 2020-21 Dissertation Fellow) Former PhD Candidate, Sociology)

"Ancestry, Color, or Culture? How Whites Racially Classify Others in the U.S." (René D. Flores, (CISSR 2020-21 Faculty Research Fellow) Assistant Professor, Sociology)

Past News & Research Updates 



Life and Organization Management in War-Torn Ukraine from May 11, 2022

A webinar and a panel discussion with Ukrainian non-profit, education, business, and policy professionals about life and work under the state of war. The panel participants speak about how they have transitioned their organizations’ activities and management strategies to the realities of the ongoing war. They share insights about crisis management strategies in the first days of the conflict and how they mobilized their teams to help Ukrainian people in need. Ukraine-based non-profit organization Enlightening Initiative will share their experience of repurposing their educational and career-building activities to the provision of humanitarian aid.