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The Center for International Social Science Research is an eclectic intellectual community devoted to nourishing empirical international research across the social sciences. We seek to spark and sustain critical discussions that traverse disciplinary, methodological, and geographic boundaries. CISSR supports work that informs and transforms debates on global issues within the academy and beyond.

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News & Research Updates

The ‘Third Rail of American Politics” is Still Electrifying – November 3, 2021 in NYTimes

René Flores (CISSR 20-21 Faculty Fellow) – Assistant Prof. of Sociology 

Ariel Azar (CISSR 21-22 Dissertation Fellow) – Sociology PhD Student

Punishment and Politicization in the International Human Rights Regime – November 2, 2021 in American Political Science Review

Rochelle Terman (CISSR Book Fellow) – Assistant Prof. of Political Science 

Joshua Byun – Political Science PhD Student 

Aukus is Awkward, But Not Abnormal: How U.S. Foreign Policy Experts Think About America’s Alliances – October 26, 2021 in War on the Rocks

Paul Poast (CISSR Board Member)

Associate Prof. of Political Science 

The attraction of direct action: the making of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Iranian Kurdish conflict – October 21, 2021 in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

Maryam Alemzadeh (CISSR 17-18 Dissertation Fellow)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies, Princeton University 

The New Black Internationalism – October 2021 in Dissent

Adom Getachew (CISSR Book Fellow) – Neubauer Family Assistant Prof. of Political Science

Aid as pan-Islamic solidarity in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Toward an anthropology of universalism – August 2021 in American Ethnologist 

Darryl Li (CISSR 19-20 Faculty Fellow) 

Assistant Prof. of Anthropology & Associate Faculty in Law

Negotiating exclusion: Regulatory barriers in preferential trade agreements – July 6, 2021 in Economics & Politics

Robert Gulotty (CISSR Book Fellow) – Assistant Prof. of Political Science 

İpek Çınar (CISSR 21-22 Rudolph Field Research) – Political Science PhD Student

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October 4, 2021

UChicago Aims of Education Address 2021: Kimberly Kay Hoang

Professor Kimberly Kay Hoang delivers the annual Aims of Education Address from Rockefeller Chapel.

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