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The Center for International Social Science Research is an eclectic intellectual community devoted to nourishing empirical international research across the social sciences. We seek to spark and sustain critical discussions that traverse disciplinary, methodological, and geographic boundaries. CISSR supports work that informs and transforms debates on global issues within the academy and beyond.

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UChicago scholar inspires students to engage with our environment by Max Witynski

Sabina Shaikh, Senior Lecturer & PGE (Program on Global Environment) Director

How Authoritarians Turn Rural Areas Into Their Strongholds

Michael Albertus, Associate Prof. of Political Science

Global burden of maternal bereavement: indicators of the cumulative prevalence of child loss 

Jenny Trinitapoli, CISSR Director

Why “Naming and Shaming” Is a Tactic That Often Backfires In International Relations in Public Seminar

Rochelle Terman, Assistant Prof. of Political Science

Racism, misogyny, and anti-sex work stigma intersect in Atlanta Shootings in Vox

Kimberly Kay Hoang, Associate Prof. of Sociology

The time to return land to Native Americans is long overdue in The Hill

Michael Albertus, Associate Prof. of Political Science

Brokers and Bribes in India in Contexts

Sneha Annavarapu, Teaching Fellow in Social Sciences

A Scientific Research Agenda for Water Sustainability in the Mekong in SSRN

Sabina Shaikh, PGE Director & Alan Kolata, Bernard E. and Ellen C. Sunny Distinguished Service Prof. of Anthropology

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November 9, 2020

Secrets of Global Governance - Book Talk 

Austin Carson and Allison Carnegie discuss "Secrets in Global Governance: Disclosure Dilemmas and the Challenge of International Cooperation." They were joined in conversation by Paul Poast.

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