News & Research Updates

"Legal History in the US and Latin America: Explaining a Methodological Divide" Juan L. Wilson (CISSR 22-23 Rudolph Field Research Fellow) PhD Candidate, History

"Suspending Nuclearity: Ecologics of Planting Seeds after the Nuclear Fallout in Fukushima, Japan" Hiroko Kumaki (CISSR 19-20 Dissertation Fellow) Dartmouth Fellow, Anthropology

"Placing Caste: Spatialization, Urban Segregation, and Musical Boundary-Making" Pranathi Diwakar (CISSR 19-20 Rudolph Field Research Fellow) Teaching Fellow, Social Sciences

"The War in Ukraine Will End With a Deal, Not a White Flag" Paul Poast (CISSR Faculty Board Member) Associate Professor, Political Science

"woman, life, freedom and the progressive academe" Maryam Alemzadeh (CISSR 17-18 Dissertation Fellow) Associate Professor, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies

"Op-Ed: What the insurrection in Brazil says about America's response to Trump" Susan Stokes (CISSR 22-23 Faculty Research Fellow) Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor, Political Science


Past News & Research Updates 



"Sino-European Luxury Trade and the Making of the Early Modern World" with Kenneth Pomeranz from October 06, 2022

Prof. Kenneth Pomeranz (Faculty Director at the University of Chicago Yuen Campus in Hong Kong) and 20-21 Book Fellow, discussed Early Modern Trade with Fernando Arteaga (Senior Fellow at the Economics Department, University of Pennsylvania). Dr. Arteaga presented on the institutional properties that governed trade between the East and West, tracing the paths of the luxury trade between China, Europe, and Latin America from the 16th to 18th centuries. Driven by the exchange of silver from Spanish colonies in Peru and Mexico for Chinese silk, porcelain, tea, and Southeast Asian spices, the luxury trade facilitated the spread of ideas, plants, animals, and diseases globally. Dr. Artaeage and Prof. Pomeranz analyzed how luxury trade transformed societies and created the world we know today.