Summer 2020 Transitional justice and authoritarian backsliding

Monika Nalepa in Constitutional Political Economy wrote that sparing the judiciary in some Eastern European countries from lustration & decommunization provoked their populists and paved the way for authoritarian backsliding.

Summer 2020 Engendering Global Capital: How Homoerotic Triangles Facilitate Foreign Investments into Risky Markets

Kimberly Kay Hoang wrote in Gender & Society about how homoerotic relations facilitate the flow of global capital into risky market economies and provides a framework for assessing the "co-constitution of gender and global capital."

Summer 2020 Conceptualizing Criminal Governance

Benjamin Lessing in Perspectives in Politics conceptualizes criminal governance, defining the difference between "charismatic vs. rational-bureaucratic forms" & further exploring how criminal governance intersects with state power. 

Summer 2020 Leftist Insurgency in Democracies

Paul Staniland in Comparitive Politics compares leftist insurgent revolutions in autocracies with those in democracies using examples from Asia 

Summer 2020 Undocumented, not Unengaged: Local Immigration Laws and the Shaping of Undocumented Mexicans’ Political Engagement

Angela S. García wrote about the effect of local laws on undocumented Mexicans' political engagement in Social Forces.

Spring 2020 2020-2021 Dissertation Fellows

Announcing our fourth cohort of Dissertation Fellows in the Social Science Division

Spring 2020 2020-2021 Field Research Awards for Graduate Students

Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph Awards supports MA and PhD students conducting short-term research abroad.

Winter 2018What is a city?

Through distinct lines of research, historian Brodwyn Fischer and sociologist Marco Garrido have found that the very effort to define and formalize urban life can often backfire and lead to unexpected social and political transformations.

February 19, 2018Project Update: Alan Kolata and Sabina Shaikh in Cambodia

2017-18 CISSR Faculty Fellows Alan Kolata and Sabina Shaikh have been conducting fieldwork for their project to measure human activities in the Cambodian Region of the Mekong River floodplain and examine how those activities may change given climate change and other human-made developments. 

January 22, 2018Sociologist Marco Garrido Calls for a Bottom-up Approach to Researching Populist Politics

CISSR affiliate Marco Garrido discusses his findings on populism in the Philippines and new ways of studying the social connections that keep voters loyal.

November 28, 2017Poland’s in crisis again. Here’s what you should know about the far right’s latest power-grab.

Analysis in the Washington Post by CISSR Faculty Fellow Monika Nalepa

November 20, 2017Call for Doctoral Research Proposals

University of Chicago doctoral students are invited to submit proposals for 2018-2019 Research Fellowships.

November 16, 2017As Poland's nationalists take the spotlight, notice the protesters

Chicago Tribune commentary by CISSR Faculty Fellow Monika Nalepa

Meet the 2017-18 Fellows

CISSR's inaugural cohort of fellows work across disciplines and regions of the world.

October 1, 2017Director's Welcome

CISSR Director Jenny Trinitapoli on the Center's community of social scientists and research support initiatives.

March 15, 2017A Big Tent for Global Inquiry

The Division of the Social Sciences is bringing new attention to international scholarship with the creation of the Center for International Social Science Research (CISSR), under the direction of Department of Political Science professor Dan Slater.

October 7, 2016Letter from Dean David Nirenberg

"I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Center for International Social Science Research, an initiative in the Division of the Social Sciences designed to promote the study of large-scale questions of global importance."