The University of Chicago has been a widely recognized institutional leader in the social sciences since the 1930s. In those days, Charles Merriam and colleagues endeavored to create a community committed to the study of society that was systematic yet unfettered by fixed research programs.

At CISSR, we carry on this tradition by supporting research that explores international and global issues and speaks to the enduring puzzles and questions that motivate the social sciences. Current projects range from regulatory regimes in international trade to the legacies of World War I casualties on French society, reflecting CISSR’s commitment to scholarly engagement across geographical and methodological borders. In the words of CISSR’s first faculty director, Dan Slater, “things get most interesting when we strive and struggle to translate the particulars from our favorite corners of the world to audiences whose greatest expertise and intellectual passions lie elsewhere.”

Please take a moment to explore our website, read about current fellows’ projects, and browse selected publications by Chicago faculty, graduate students, and CISSR alumni.