Upcoming Events

March 1 • 5:30pm • Pick Hall, First Floor Lounge
Sociologist Patrick Heller on the Cities of Delhi

March 1-2 • Swift Hall Library and Commons
South Asia Graduate Student Conference: "South Asia and the Limits of Humanistic Inquiry"

March 13-14 • International House
The Politics of Race in Global Perspective: A Symposium in Honor of Mark Q Sawyer

Past Events

January 9 • 5pm • Social Sciences Tea Room
Politicizing Decline: Reformist Approaches to Indian Cash-Crop Production, 1835-1875
CISSR Graduate Fellow Zak Leonard leads off Historical Capitalisms Workshop winter schedule

October 23 • 4:30 PM • Stuart Hall, Room 101
Paul Poast on Quantitative Analysis in International Relations
Political Scientist Paul Poast will discuss the origins of the quantitative tradition in International Relations at the University, and will demonstrate his free software for quantitative analysis, NewGene.