Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph Field Research Awards

The Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph Field Research Award for Graduate Students supports MA and PhD students answering global, international, and transnational questions in the social sciences. The award can be used to carry out fieldwork in support of MA theses, qualifying papers, pilot projects, and/or portions of their dissertation research. Students engaging in original data-collection efforts and traveling to access archival materials are especially encouraged to apply. Other allowable expenses includes purchasing datasets, specialized software licenses, archival access subscriptions, books & primary documents, compensation for field research assistants, and translation or transcription services. The application portal will close on April 2, 2021.


University of Chicago graduate students (MA or PhD) in the Division of the Social Sciences are eligible.


CISSR seeks to support graduate students' independent research on international, transnational, and global questions. Applicants can familiarize themselves with CISSR's mission and scope through our website and bi-weekly digest. A list of previous field-grant awardees and their projects can be found here.


CISSR will provide graduate students with up to $5,000 for fieldwork expenses.

Funds will be disbursed in June 2021 (Summer Quarter). Awardees must submit a progress report within 10 months of award receipt, including a budget report with itemized expenses. If you are requesting funds for travel and/or off-campus research, you must provide CISSR with an approved Research Resumption Plan (RRP) prior to receiving the award funds.


Apply Here

  1. CV
  2. Project abstract, maximum of 250 words
  3. A 2-3-page project narrative (maximum 2000 words). Outline the research question(s), research design, importance of the trip to the project, likely field sites and data sources, and qualifications to undertake the trip (i.e. language competence, contacts in the field, etc.)
  4. An annotated budget with estimates of spending for each type of funding
  5. You will need to submit contact information for a faculty sponsor as part of the application process. No letter of recommendation is required, but students must identify a member of the faculty who is familiar with the work and can speak to the feasibility and promise of the proposed project. https://goforward.uchicago.edu/travel/.

Applicants proposing research that involves fieldwork and/or interactions with human participants must have an approved Research Resumption Plan (RRP). Please find relevant guidance and the RRP template. If research requires travel, you must also secure a travel waiver: https://goforward.uchicago.edu/travel/. CISSR will only ask for the travel form and a Research Resumption Plan (RRP) if you are awarded a grant. They are not required to apply for a grant. 

Researchers are responsible for submitting updated IRB protocols for approval, as appropriate. Please contact Katie Kinzler (kinzler@uchicago.edu) or Cate Goebel (cgoebel@uchicago.edu) with any questions about RRP and the IRB.   

Deadline to submit application: April 2, 2021

For questions, please contact Alexis Puzon via email at apuzon@uchicago.edu or by phone at (773) 702-7721.