I. CISSR Overview

The Center for International Social Science Research (CISSR) is an initiative of the Division of the Social Sciences – the result of a faculty-led effort to reorganize the Center of International Studies and more effectively support social-science research on international, transnational, and global questions. CISSR promotes global inquiry among University of Chicago faculty and students through its fellows’ programs, book workshops, and other activities.

II. CISSR Faculty Fellows Program

The CISSR Faculty Fellows Program is designed to support social scientists working on high-impact, global questions -- regardless of discipline, geographic locale, or methodological approach.

III. CISSR Faculty Fellow Support

CISSR provides up to $25,000 for one year of funding for faculty research projects at any stage. Funds may be used for a wide range of research-related activities, including field and archival research, purchasing data, research assistance, bringing a research collaborator to campus for a short-term visit, and organizing a conference for a special journal issue or edited volume. Funded Fellows can apply for renewal on a competitive basis.

CISSR provides administrative support for events (scheduling and reservations) and visitors (arranging travel, processing reimbursements, and securing academic appointments), and outreach support, such as the production of content for webpages and social media).

IV. Eligibility and Expectations

University of Chicago faculty in any discipline or unit are welcome to apply. Priority will be given to projects led by faculty in the Division of the Social Sciences.

Faculty fellows are expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the Center. Fellows are required to submit a report assessing the project’s progress and CISSR’s impact by July 1, 2020 and acknowledge CISSR support in all related publications.

V. How to Apply

Applications must be submitted via fundingopportunities.uchicago.edu no later than 11:59 p.m. CST on December 3, 2018. All applications require 1) application form, 2) 2-3-page project narrative, 3) project budget and justification, and 4) project timeline for the fellowship year.

VI. Narrative Guidelines

The narrative should be 2-3 pages, single-spaced, and cover: 1) the research question(s) and contribution, 2) the methodology and/or approach, 3) the distinctive impact CISSR support will bring to the project, and 4) anticipated outcomes. Projects should involve the systematic examination of evidence and exhibit fluency with alternative arguments and theoretical perspectives.

VII. Budget and Expense Justification Guidelines

Please submit an itemized budget, along with a 1-page justification.

CISSR financial support cannot be used by University of Chicago faculty for course releases, academic leave, or summer salary.

VIII. Timeline Guidelines

The project timeline should include prospective dates for proposed fieldwork, conferences, workshops, and visitors.

IX. Review and Selection Process

The Faculty Director and Advisory Board will evaluate proposals on the following criteria:

  • the originality of the proposed research;
  • fit with CISSR mission and priorities;
  • quality of the research design;
  • extent to which CISSR support will make a clear and distinct impact on the project.