Note: Applicants will be notified of decisions by early March 2018. Questions? Contact Manuel Viedma, CISSR Associate Director, at 773-834-3852 or

I. CISSR Overview

The Center for International Social Science Research (CISSR) is an initiative of the Division of the Social Sciences – the result of a faculty-led effort to reorganize the Center of International Studies and more effectively support social-science research on international, transnational, and global questions. CISSR promotes global inquiry among University of Chicago faculty and students through its fellows’ programs, book workshops, and other activities.

II. CISSR Dissertation Support Grant

The CISSR Dissertation Support Grant is designed to support advanced PhD students working on high-impact, global questions -- regardless of discipline, geographic locale, or methodological approach. 

III. CISSR Support

CISSR offers $5,000 in stipend support and shared office space in Pick Hall, Room 102 for one year.

IV. Eligibility and Expectations

University of Chicago doctoral students in the Division of the Social Sciences who have defended their dissertation proposal and collected most of their data/empirical evidence may apply.

Graduate fellows are expected to engage with others at CISSR and contribute to intellectual life of the Center. All fellows are required to submit a report on the use of CISSR funds by July 1, 2019 and acknowledge CISSR support in all related publications. 

V. Pre-Proposal Consultations

Prospective applicants are encouraged to consult with Associate Director Manuel Viedma about the Doctoral Fellows program and application procedures. Please contact 773-834-3852 or to arrange a consultation.

VI. How to Apply

Applications must be submitted via no later than 11:59 p.m. CST on February 1, 2018. All applications require 1) application form with dissertation title and contact information of a faculty sponsor who is familiar with the work and can speak to the feasibility and promise of the project (no letter of recommendation is required), 2) CV, 3) 2-3-page dissertation precis.

VIII. Dissertation Precis Guidelines

The dissertation precis should be 2-3-pages, single-spaced, and must include 1) an abstract that concisely presents the main theses, methods, and originality of the dissertation, and 2) short summaries of each chapter or paper. Dissertations should involve the systematic examination of evidence and exhibit fluency with alternative arguments and theoretical perspectives. 

IX. Review and Selection Process

The Faculty Director and Advisory Board will evaluate proposals on the following criteria:

  • the originality of the proposed research;
  • fit with CISSR mission and priorities;
  • quality of the research design;
  • extent to which CISSR support will make a clear and distinct impact on the project.