CISSR invites University of Chicago faculty to submit applications for a book workshop or a monograph enhancement award to prepare a manuscript for publication.

Book workshops provide faculty an opportunity to improve their manuscripts through an intensive day-long workshop in which colleagues, editors, and other key readers gather to provide critical input and suggestions.

Monograph enhancement awards support scholarly book projects in a myriad of ways. Awards are intended to offset the costs of obligatory press subsidies, open access subvention fees, translations, indexing, permissions, cartographic services, and other expenses that are essential to the completion of the highest quality manuscripts. 

Applications for book workshop and monograph enhancement awards are accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions are usually made within a month of submission. CISSR typically funds 3-4 book workshops per year and is currently considering applications for workshops in the 2019-20 academic year and beyond. Monograph enhancement awards are funded as able. 


All University of Chicago faculty are eligible, provided their manuscripts 1) focus on international, transnational, or global issues and 2) use social scientific methods. The CISSR Faculty Board evaluates proposals based on fit with CISSR priorities, the potential impact of the manuscript, scheduling considerations (in the case of workshops), and budgetary considerations (in the case of monograph enhancement). Priority is given to tenure-track, junior faculty members who are active in the CISSR community.


Book Workshops: CISSR will provide up to $7,500 for a book workshop. Funding covers the costs of a day-long workshop with up to four guest discussants. CISSR will offer logistical support to arrange travel and accommodations. Applicants are encouraged to invite press editors in addition to external faculty. Applicants should also consult the CISSR Book Workshop Guide.

Monograph Enhancement: CISSR will provide up to $10,000 for expenses related to manuscript enhancement. 


All applications should include:

  1. Application form (see below)
  2. 5-page manuscript proposal
  3. Comprehensive budget

For more information about CISSR and the Faculty Book Workshop and Monograph Enhancement Awards, please contact Alexis Puzon via email at or by phone at (773) 702-7721.

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