Hadeel Badarni, Anthropology
“Formations of Techno-Nature: High-tech Ecologies of Domination in Israel/Palestine”

Tracy Brannstrom, Comparative Human Development
“Ear-Energetics and Substance Abuse: An Ethnographic & Historical Study”

Abigail Bratcher, History
“Knowing the Kazakh Steppe: How Soil Scientists and Peasants Created Knowledge of the Steppe Biosphere during the Cold War”

Teng Ge, Sociology
“Reversal of Fortune: The Rise and Fall of Chinese Professional Basketball Clubs”

Elsy Gonzalez, Political Science
“Under the Shadow of Precedent: Justifying Recognition of Statehood”

Bastian Herre, Political Science
“Ideologues and Redistribution: Evidence from Democracies and Dictatorships”

Jiyea Hong, Anthropology
“Producing “Indigenous Knowledge” through “Fieldwork:” The Proliferation of Field-Scientific Knowledge through the Global Conservation Movement”

Myungji Lee, Anthropology
“The Social Work of the Turkish Public Fatwa Service: Space, Bureaucracy, and the State”

Alysia Mann Carey, Political Science
“I felt the hand of the government in my womb’: Black women, intimacy, and the transnational struggle for life in Brazil and Colombia”

Nisarg Mehta, Sociology
“The World’s Largest Democracy”: Hindu Nationalism, Indian Statecraft and the Global diaspora

Jeong Hyun Oh, Sociology
“Economic and Demographic Formations of Inequality in the Era of Era of Education for All (EFA) in sub-Saharan Africa”

Ellen Richmond, Anthropology

Noah Schouela, Political Science
“Cities, Slums, Regimes”

Thomas Snyder, History
“From Weimar to Vietnam: German Émigrés in America, the Fall of Nazi Germany, and the Rise of the Cold War”

Yuan Tian, History
“Western Privileges in Chinese Eyes: A Social History of Extraterritoriality in Qing China’s Southwest Frontier (1860-1911)”

Ángela Zorro-Medina, Sociology
“Does Increasing Prosecutorial Power Lead to Higher Incarceration Rates? Evidence from a Criminal Justice Reform”