CISSR is delighted to announce its fourth cohort of dissertation fellows, a program that supports doctoral research on international, transnational, and global questions. The newest cohort of fellows showcase research from one end of the world to the other, and their projects each articulate important questions of global impact. We welcome our 20-21 Dissertation cohort to the CISSR community. 

Genevieve Bates (Political Science)
Holding Their Feet to the Fire: Negotiated Accountability in the Shadow of the International Community

Damien Bright (Anthropology)
Whither the Reef? Marine life and ethical positioning at extinction’s edge

Charles Fawell (History)
In-Between Empires: Transit and Sovereignty along the Maritime Routes of Imperial France and Great Britain, 1870-1930

Raymond “Sandy” Hunter (Anthropology)
Colonial Agrarianism: A Historical Archaeology of Hacienda Land and Labor in Cusco, Peru

Wan-Zi Lu (Sociology)
Body Politics: Morals, Markets, and Mobilization of Organ Donation 

Jonathan Schoots (Sociology)
The Birth of African Nationalism: The social sources of new political imagination in South Africa, 1860-1912