Juan Wilson Coddou, History
"Obiter Dicta": The Enduring Structure of Judicial Institutions in Hispanic America, 1750-1850

Pranathi Diwakar, Sociology
Unequal Music: Caste, Culture, and City

Kirsten Forsberg, Anthropology
The Bassari Country Archaeological Survey: The Effects of Slave Raiding on Decentralized Societies in Atlantic Era Senegal

Minju Kim, Political Science
Domestic Bureaucrats: A Missing Link in Expansion of International Organizations

Carl Kubler, History
Barbarians on the Shore: Negotiating Global Trade and Daily Life on the South China Coast, 1770-1853

Matthew Lowenstein, History
Finance in the Chinese Republic: Market Integration and Credit Supply in Sichuan Province, 1912-1949

Wan-Zi Lu, Sociology
Arranging Altruism: Success and Failures in Mobilizing Organ Donation

Ramzy Mardini, Political Science
Social Networks, Wartime Consolidation, and the Regeneration of the Islamic State

Muhammad Usama Rafi, History
Equality out of Empire: The Human Sciences and Self-determination in the Twentieth Century

Jonathan Leo Schoots, Sociology
The Birth of African Nationalism: Political Innovation in South Africa, 1870-1912

Estefania Vidal-Montero, Anthropology
Transformative Architectures: An Archaeology of building practices in the Atacama Desert during the Formative Period

Emily Wilson, Comparative Human Development
Friendly Welfare: Homesharing and Social Belonging in London