Xi Song is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and the College at the University of Chicago. Song received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California--Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2015, with the dissertation "Social Stratification in Multiple Generations." Before that, she completed her Master of Sciences in Statistics at UCLA in 2013, Master of Philosophy in Social Sciences at HKUST in 2010, and Bachelor of Arts with the Highest Academic Honors at Renmin University of China in 2008.  Her research interests include social stratification and mobility, population studies, quantitative methodology, and studies on China and East Asia, with a substantive focus on the persistence of social inequality across life stages and generations. 

The Media and Public (Mis)Perception of Inequality in China

Although income inequality is similarly high in both the United States and China, most Chinese are misinformed about rising inequality due to the government’s control over news media through political censorship. Xi Song will offer the first large-scale, longitudinal study of hundreds of millions of articles and posts published by traditional Chinese newspapers and a host of other digital and social media outlets to examine how inequality is perceived, publicized, and interpreted in an authoritarian society wherein the media is not independent and issues are typically framed in the interests of political power.