Adam Almqvist, Political Science
Human Capital and the Neoliberal Governance of Youth in Autocratic Regimes

Emma Gilheany, Anthropology
Arctic Colonialism and Climate Change: Inuit Ecological Resiliency and Resistance

Isaac Hock, Political Science
Violent Entrepreneurship: Rents, Institutions, and Political Violence in South Africa

Cameron Hu, Anthropology
Indonesia and the Global Shale Frontier

Mishal Khan, Sociology
Beyond Abolition: Law, Empire, and the Political Vocabulary of Resistance in India

Harini Kumar, Anthropology
Formations of Tamil Islam: Negotiations and Contestations

Yujie Li, History
China on Wheels: A History of Bicycles in Socialist China

Steven Schwartz, Anthropology
Lifeworlds of Extraction: Wind Energy, Development, and Indigeneity in the Guajira

Alexander Shams, Anthropology
Shia Shrine Pilgrimage in Modern Iran and Iraq

Raffaella Taylor-Seymour, CHD
Sexuality, Ancestry, and Fertility in Zimbabwe

Emily Webster, History
Land Use Change and Infectious Disease in the British Empire, 1840-1914