CISSR provides financial and administrative support to University of Chicago faculty and graduate students who are engaged in social science projects that are international, transnational, and global in scope.

In 2018-2019, CISSR welcomes new faculty projects from fellows Kimberly Kay Hoang (Sociology), Benjamin Lessing (Political Science), Monika Nalepa (Political Science), Francois Richard (Anthropology), and James Robinson (Harris School of Public Policy). CISSR is also proud to renew the fellowships of Michael Albertus (Political Science), Boaz Keysar (Psychology), and Alan Kolata (Anthropology) and Sabina Shaikh (Social Sciences Collegiate Division/Harris School of Public Policy).

CISSR will support the dissertation projects of Hanisah Binte Abdullah Sani (Sociology), Mark Deming (Political Science), Kristin Hickman (Anthropology), and Matthew Knisley (Anthropology).