Doctoral Fellow

Victor Gay, Department of Economics

With my project, I will study the long-run impact of French military fatalities in World War I on the behavior of women and gender roles in French society.

I am interested in uncovering the specific pathways through which the shock of losing so many young men in the War affected women’s’ working behavior using rigorous empirical methods. Analyzing how World War I affected preferences and beliefs about gender roles throughout society will be a step toward a better understanding of the dynamics of the profound change in the role of women in society throughout the twentieth century.

Victor GayI am a PhD candidate in the Departement of Economics at the University of Chicago. Before that, I studied at ESSEC Business School in Paris where I received an MBA. I also studied economics at the University of Cergy. The core of my research is about the long run impact of historical shocks on individual behavior. Additionally, I study the role of culture for labor market decisions, and in particular how the grammatical structures of languages can reflect deep cultural norms and help explain variations in behavior across cultures. I am also interested in the political economy of democratization.