Dissertation fellows

The CISSR Faculty Board is delighted to present its third cohort of dissertation fellows in a newly expanded program that supports doctoral research on international, transnational, and global questions across the social sciences. 

“After two years of deliberation and fundraising, we have transformed CISSR’s residential fellows program by raising the support-level from small-stipend-and-workspace to full-dissertation-write-up-fellowship-and-workspace. This change will allow students to turn down the ad hoc opportunities that often dilute their efforts and devote themselves fully to advancing a career-making piece of scholarship,” said Jenny Trinitapoli, director of CISSR and associate professor in the Department of Sociology.

The constituency for the expanded awards is Ph.D. candidates in the social sciences who have completed field work, archival research (or some combination thereof), and are now ready to focus exclusively on writing the dissertation during the final year of their doctoral program. Priority is given to students advancing topics of enduring international significance and working in CISSR’s intellectual tradition of empirically robust and theoretically rigorous social science. CISSR Fellows also benefit from a monthly mentoring lunches, a standing writing-group, and a research stipend.

CISSR supports the work of graduate students at earlier stages through the Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph Field Research Awards.