CISSR Initiatives

CISSR’s initiatives are designed to address many of the particular challenges facing social scientists who work on questions and topics that are global, international, or transnational in nature. 

Faculty Opportunities

Faculty Research Fellowship

CISSR supports faculty research through grants that can be used for a wide range of activities. During the fellowship term, CISSR provides administrative support and assistance with outreach and dissemination efforts. Grant amounts vary.

Faculty Book Workshops & Monograph Enhancement Awards

Faculty members with book manuscripts related to CISSR’s core interests and priorities can apply for book workshop and monograph enhancement awards. The workshop is intended to gather colleagues, editors, and other key readers; CISSR staff coordinate the logistics of the event, allowing faculty to focus their energies exclusively on the substance of the workshop. Up to $7,500. Monograph enhancement awards support scholarly book projects in myriad other ways, including (but not limited to) obligatory press subsidies, open-access subvention fees, translations, indexing, permissions, cartographic services, specialty typesetting, and other expenses that are essential to the timely completion of highest quality manuscripts. Up to $10,000.

Faculty Fellow and Affiliate Write-Ins

To build community and help faculty maintain a productive writing life, CISSR hosts a weekly write-in for faculty fellows and affiliates. During Fall Quarter 2017, we’ll meet every Thursday afternoon from 2pm — 5pm. Some affiliates attend religiously, while others join in from time-to-time. No commitment required, no sign-up necessary. Join us!

  • 2-4pm, CISSR conference room (Pick 105)
  • Bring your laptop and whatever books/notes you need to support a real writing shift on your most important research project
  • Rules (honor system) 2-4pm: Research writing only; no emails, no rec letters, no annual reports
  • Snacks, drinks, and conversation from 4-5pm, and we close up the CISSR suite right at 5

Graduate Student Opportunities

Dissertation Support Grant

CISSR supports the research of Ph.D. students during the dissertation write-up stage. Students receive a stipend of $5,000 and office space for the academic year. 

Graduate Field Research Grants

CISSR supports graduate student research through field research awards of up to $5,000. All M.A. and Ph.D. students in the Division of the Social Sciences are eligible. Pilot projects, exploratory data-collection efforts, and early-stage dissertation research are especially welcome.