October 23 • 4:30 PM
Stuart Hall, Room 101

CISSR is proud to present a lecture and tutorial by Paul Poast, Assistant Professor of Political Science and member of CISSR's Advisory Board.

Poast discussed the origins of the quantitative tradition in International Relations at the University of Chicago, and demonstrated his free software for quantitative analysis, NewGene. NewGene is a program that combines data from different sources to produce easily analyzable datasets.

Paul PoastPaul Poast is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Poast’s research uses quantitative analysis and diplomatic history to understand international relations. Specifically, he is interested in how anarchy can complicate the ability of sovereign actors to make credible commitments, such as repaying debt, honoring an alliance, or upholding a bargain. His research is presently focused on four projects: the political economy of international security, alliance politics, research methods for international relations, and the international politics of the American Civil War. Poast is the author of The Economics of War (McGraw Hill-Irwin, 2006) and the developer of NewGene, a data management tool for creating data sets for use in the quantitative analysis of political science.