2021-22 CISSR Dissertation Support Fellows

Welcome to the new Dissertation Fellows! Please read about their projects below. 

          Dissertation: Living institutions: Welfare-state exposures and health over the life course


          Dissertation: Embedding Cognition and Culture in Semantic Topologies: with an                          investigation on the language-culture-policy nexus from the late imperial to modern                  periods of China, 1368 - 2000


          Dissertation: Barbarians on the Shore: Global Trade, Everyday Life, and Conflict                          Resolution between China and the West, 1780-1860


          Dissertation: Formations of Tamil Islam: Negotiations and Contestations in                                  Contemporary South India 


          Dissertation: Mediations of War: Formations of Statehood and Criminality                                   in Mexico's 'War on Drug Trafficking'" 


          Dissertation: Federal Futures: Imagining Federation, Constitution, and                                          World in Late Colonial India 


          Dissertation: Intimate Rites: Localizing Queerness through Ancestral                                            Spiritualities in Contemporary Zimbabwe 


          Dissertation: Friendly Welfare: The Politics and Practices of Care                                                   in Northern England 


          Dissertation: Commercializing Benevolence: The Architecture of                                                    Grassroots-Oriented Corporate Philanthropy in Contemporary China