October 12, 2018
Organized by Prof. Paul Poast

Campbell-Seremetis, Nicholas (Department of Political Science). “Fools, Fanatics, and Madmen: How Beliefs About Adversary Judgment Impact Diplomacy and Conflict.”

Chinchilla, Alexandra (Department of Political Science). “Third Party Support of Proxies in Intra-state Conflict: Replication and Expansion of Datasets.”

Cinar, Ipek and Genevieve Bates (Department of Political Science). “Accountability by Numbers: A New Global Transitional Justice Dataset (1946-2016).”

Kim, Minju (Department of Political Science). “China Shock and Legacy of Embedded Liberalism.”

Kozlowski, Austin C. and James P. Murphy (Department of Sociology). “Partisans with Constraint: Party Sorting and Issue Alignment in the 21st Century.”

Lam, Shing-Hon (Committee on International Relations). “A Rationalist Explanation of Asymmetric War: New Evidence from Cambodian-Vietnamese War.”

Oh, Jeong Hyun (Department of Sociology). “An Effort to Fertility Convergence: Revisiting the Effects of Population-Control Policies, 1976-2015.”

Silver, Joshua (MA Program in the Social Sciences). “The Emergence of Peer Reviewed Books: University Press Editorial Practice in the United States.”

Uribe, Andres D (Department of Political Science). “Reconsidering State Capacity and Civil War: A Replication of Fearon and Laitin (2003).”