Xavier Samuel Ante (History) - The Qing’s Indigenous Foresters: The Qingshui River Documents and the Miao Forest Frontier, 1726-1949



Boone Ayala (History)- Reconstituting Empire: Corporation Politics and the Rise of the English State, 1640-1720



Alexis Rolando Chavez (Anthropology) - Waywardness and Belief: Thinking about Religiosity in France's Low-Income Neighborhoods



Xiaoyu Gao (History) - Empire of Copper: China Currency and British Global Trade in the Long 19th Century



Zachary Klamann (Political Science) - Power Crisis: The Roots of South Africa Electricity and Democratic Crisis​




Xiangning Li (History) - “Strange Bedfellows”: Reproductive Labor, Family Strategies, and Marriage Disputes during and after China's Great Leap Forward, 1958-1965




Zikai Li (Political Science) - Centralization versus Local Autonomy in Chinese Governance: An Analysis of the Developmental Impact of Administrative Upgrading for County Governments




Zihao Lin (Comparative Human Development) - Designing Access for Disabled People: Negotiations around “Barrier-Free” Environments in Post-Socialist Chinese Metropolises




Alyssa Mendez (Anthropology) - Wind Resistance: contesting post-carbon futures in post-crisis Greece




Jose Benjamin Montano (History) - Hecho y derecho: The social relations of private property in Mexico City, 1918-1940




Natalia Niedmann Alvarez (History) - Derecho Feminista: A Comparative Social History  of Feminist Legalities in Mexico and the United States




Sachaet Pandey (History) - Tremors of the Anthropocene: Hydro-Electric Reason and the Industrialization of India




Katherine Randazzo (History) - 'As Moorish As Those in Barbary': Forming Morisco Identity in the Spanish-Maghribi Borderlands, 1609-1631




Dominiquo Santistevan (Sociology) - The Burma-China Railway Revisited: British Imperial Space and Infrastructure at the Turn of the Twentieth Century




Jeanne Sorin (Economics) - The Impact of Public Good Provision Frictions, Evidence from Road Infrastructure Investments in Kampala




Madeleine Stevens (Political Science) - "Por que ocultar en vez de exhibir?" Violence Visibility and Enforced Disappearance in Colombia




Zikui Wei (Sociology) - Fascism and Modern China: The Case of the Society for Vigorous Practice