Project: Sharpening the Honey Adze: Using the Rock Art of Iringa and Mbeya to Understand the Role of Honey in Catalyzing Cross-Community Connection


Project: Do Words Matter in International Relations? Diplomatic Rhetoric and Credible Signaling


Project: Giving the Street the Last Word


Project: The Participatory Foundations of Democracy in New England: Institutional Innovation, Political Legitimation, and Popular Domination during the Colonial Era


Project: Toxified Dreams: Environmental Contamination, the Body, and Visions of Survivable Futures in the Mexicali/Calexico Region of the US-Mexico Border


Project: Understanding Informal Labor in the Global South


Project: Communities of Difference: Neighborhood life in contested Jerusalem


Project: Women in War and Peace: Transnational Activism and the Politics of Gender in a Post-Cold War World


Project: Sculpting the Image of Man and Woman: Art, Bodies, and the Formation of the Aesthetic State in Wilhelmine Germany and Meiji Japan, 1890-1914


Project: Liberalism sans Pluralism: Middle Class Politics and the Creation of a New India


Project: Democratic Discord: Why and How Leaders and Bureaucrats Fight over Foreign Policy


Project: Pig People: an interspecies story of chimerical emergence


Project: An International Perspective on Brazilian Economic Policy from the "Miracle" to the Debt Crisis


Project: Democracy in Movement: Party Decay and the Reconfiguration of Electoral Competition under Conflict


Project: Roman Market Integration, 4th-Early 7th c. CE


Project: The Many Foundations: Reform, Revolution and the Transformation of Law and Politics in Mexico, 1900–1940