CISSR is pleased to announce the 2021-22 Lloyd & Susanne Rudolph Field Research Fellows. Read all about our cohort of graduate students and their projects at the links below. 


  • Erin Atwell – Anthropology 

    Preaching Taqwā: Textuality, Intimacy and Humanitarian Reason in Contemporary Cairo

  • Lauren Beard – Sociology

    The Wellness of Children, The Health of All: Tracing Logics of Global Youth Mental Health

  • Anna Berg – Sociology

    DIY and Dissidence: how online media have changed political mobilization in Germany, East and West

Intergenerational Memory Practices and Sociopolitical Transformation in Post-Genocide Rwanda

  • Ipek Cinar – Political Science

    Beyond ‘mere words’: Rhetorical Stratagems of Would-be Autocrats

  • Alice Diaz Chauvigné – Anthropology

    Webs of interactions among sentient beings in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia): an ethnoarchaeological project

  • Brandon Deadman – History

    Conservative Revolution: The Metapolitical Roots of Europe’s Right Wing Resurgence

  • Gabriel Groz – History

    The Transnational Origins of Interregnum Statecraft, 1642-1660 

  • Elizabeth Hines – History

    Remonstrants and Parliamentarians in the English Civil Wars

Spatial cognition in an Amazonian culture: How the Tsimané conceptualize space

  • Ilqua Lutfi – Comparative Human Development

    Intimacy and Domestic Labor Relations in Karachi

  • Ashima Mittal – Anthropology

    Making Air Breathable: experimental ecologies of ‘clean’ technoscientific capital in India

  • Yasser Nasser – History

    Creating ‘New Asia’: Sino-Indian Friendship and its Global Afterlives, 1947-1962

  • Evgenia Olimpieva – Political Science

    Putin’s Prosecutors: How Law Enforcement Helps Build Authoritarian States

          Every day, the Sea: the infrastructure of Senegal’s harbor spaces

Mobilizing Medicine: Politics of Health on Gender Affirming Care in China