CISSR welcomes the newest members of its scholarly community, the 2023-2024 Faculty Fellows! The recipients of this round of competitive awards come from the social science disciplines of Anthropology, History, Political Science, and Comparative Human Development. The CISSR funding will support research assistants, survey expenses, travel assistance, ethnographic and qualitative fieldwork, and archival research in six different countries across the globe. 

Implementing a Cross-cultural field-friendly Infant-Directed-Speech Preference Study

Marisa Casillas - Assistant Professor of Comparative Human Development


Emergent Logistics and Experimental Ethnography

Julie Chu - Associate Professor of Anthropology & Jennifer Cole - Professor of Comparative Human Development


Tilted Waters: The World the Suez Canal Made

Aaron Jakes - Assistant Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History 


Gendering the Archive? The Power and Authority of the Abbesses of Quedlinburg, 1125–1511

Jonathan Lyon - Professor of Medieval History 


Legal Literacy and Imagined Law in Republican China

Johanna Ransmeier - Associate Professor of History


Great Power Rivalry and Internal Politics in Modern Asia 

Paul Staniland - Professor of Political Science


Ghostly Invasions: Political Theologies of Fire in Post-Coup Bolivia

Mareike Winchell - Assistant Professor of Anthropology