Welcome to the Center for International Social Science Research at the University of Chicago. We’re a community of social scientists from a variety of disciplines who work on topics that are international, transnational, or global in orientation. Most of us are involved with our respective area-studies centers and committed to at least one Council on Advanced Studies workshop; at CISSR we come together over a shared commitment to a sustained conversation that expands our disciplinary habits and geographic moorings. We also have in common the pursuit of projects that involve original data collection efforts and questions that require the development of new methodological tools to be solved. 


The Center's current initiatives concentrate on three areas of research support. These realms are necessary to any research endeavor but especially critical for international work: financial support for pilot studies and fieldwork, administrative support for logistics, and outreach support to promote projects and disseminate research findings to audiences beyond the journals. 


I’m grateful to Dan Slater (Political Science) for setting the Center on an excellent course as founding director and to board members Emily Lynn Osborn (History) and Paul Poast (Political Science) with whom I will continue collaborating this year. In CISSR’s inaugural year, we are funding an exciting and diverse set of projects by faculty and graduate students and have already sponsored three book workshops. As director, I look forward to sustaining these current initiatives and paving new avenues to support social science research. In other words: stay tuned for news about colloquia, workshops, book launches, and funding opportunities.



Please take some time to learn more about CISSR by clicking through these web pages and by joining us at an upcoming event. And if you have questions or comments, do contact us at cissr@uchicago.edu


Jenny Trinitapoli

Director, Center for International Social Science Research
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology